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Wisconsin Reserve Study Legislation & HOA Reserve Fund Laws

The declarant of a condominium that is created on or after November 1, 2004, shall establish a statutory reserve account when the condominium is created and shall execute a statutory reserve account statement. The declarant shall determine the annual amount to be assessed unit owners for reserve funds. The declarant may elect not to establish a statutory reserve account at the time the condominium is created or, at any time, thereafter, may elect to terminate a statutory reserve account during the period of declarant control. If a declarant has elected not to establish a statutory reserve account or to terminate an account, establishment of a statutory reserve account shall be addressed at the first annual meeting of the association held after, or at a special meeting of the association held within one year after, the expiration of any period of declarant control under. An association may, with the written consent of most of the unit votes, create or terminate a statutory reserve account. Section703.163.

There is no statutory requirement to conduct a reserve study.

Source: Community Associations Institute Summary of State Reserve Fund Laws (Oct 2022)

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