Insurance Advisory Report

Get insurance advice from an independent analysis.

The Insurance Advisory Report must be performed concurrently with a Building Reserves Study.

What is an Insurance Advisory Report?

An Insurance Advisory Report is an independent evaluation of the existing insured value for the subject property. The Advisory information will assist the association to confirm and ensure a fair market insurance value and related insurance premiums for the subject property.

Why have an insurance advisory report conducted?

An Insurance Advisory Report provides the client with a detailed valuation of the insurable assets at their property to assist with the fair market value of reconstruction in the event of a loss.  Some insurance agents will simply use software and general information/assumptions to create a valuation of a property.  This can result in being under or over insured.  Homeowners may be overpaying or underpaying on their insurance premiums.  If your insurer’s assessment seems off, a Building Reserves Insurance Advisory Report provides an independent valuation that assesses the property in much more detail than the general standard.
Ensure that the Association has sufficient insurance coverage
Help to avoid excessive insurance premiums from being over insured
Independent 3rd party opinion
Data about the property including construction type, quality, quantities, etc. is derived from our visual inspection, building plans, information furnished by management and available online research.
The report compares our valuation to the existing insured value

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