Defect / Transition Study

A Transition Study is one of the best ways to ensure that your development starts out on the right foot.

What is a Transition Study?

A Transition Study documents the physical condition of a property and its infrastructure at the point in time at which a property transitions from developer-control to association-control. A Transition Study involves a thorough inspection of the property's common components to ensure that the property and its assets are delivered to the community in generally good condition, consistent with the age of the property, and that all systems, materials, etc. are installed and functioning as intended. Transition Studies identify components in need of repair or replacement, as well as provide associated costs for the replacement or remediation of the identified defects and deficiencies.

Why have a transition study conducted?

A transition study is important to have conducted to identify any defects, problems, or deficiencies and determine the cost to remedy each. The study includes a detailed inventory of components that require attention. Having this information eliminates costs associated with unnecessary near-term capital projects borne by the community and preserves reserve funds for future capital projects. This ensures that developers and builders are held accountable for quality construction and that the community is accepting a property in good condition.
serves as a punch-list of outstanding work
identifies improperly installed or constructed components
provides an unbiased third-party opinion of property condition
assists in fairly negotiating costs for repairs & remediation
provides community with leverage in negotiations
ensures that developers exit communities with a clean bill-of-health
preserves community appearance

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